Hi all! Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I'll be able to update this a little more often these days. So here's a little information about me:

I feel like I have a very common story, but I love the blog world and want to become a more active part of it. I led a fairly normal childhood, blessed with a close and amazing family and tight-knit group of friends. When I was seven, my dad passed away and I believe the only way my family knew how to comfort me was through food. In the years after that, I started gaining weight. As a lot of the women in my family were overweight, it was never something anyone worried about. By the time I was 14 and entered high school, I was about 180 pounds (on a 5'2" frame) and I started getting picked on in school. I would start diets, lose a couple pounds, and then ruin it all when something went "wrong" (whether that be a bad day at school, a fight with a friend, or anything else that was stressful). I often turned to food to comfort myself or as a way to get through a boring day. By the time I graduated high school, I was over 200 pounds.

As I entered college, I began eating dining commons food (unlimited amounts!) and gained more weight, topping off at around 220 pounds.

A couple of months before graduation, in April 2009, a friend and I decided we just didn't want to be the "chubby" girls anymore. We started paying more attention to just how much food we were eating and started trying to eat a little less. We went to the gym almost every day and signed up for yoga. Within a couple of months, I was down some pounds and I felt great. I could run a mile straight on the treadmill and I was ready to lose more weight!

I have been lucky enough to continue my weight loss since graduation in June 2009 and have now dropped down to right around where I should be. I no longer weigh myself because I find that I enjoy life a lot more when I'm not worried about one cookie and the calories it contains. I allow myself treats and no longer believe in diets. I want to be healthy, fit, and happy and for me, that does not mean that I must be even to where my BMI is in a "normal" range. I've been reading healthy living blogs for almost a year now and am so happy to be finally be joining in. Hopefully I can get involved, stay inspired, and maybe inspire someone else along the way.

May 2012; Me (left) and Shan (bff - you'll see her around a lot)

September 2011; Steph (another bestie) and Me (right)

Can't wait to meet all of you guys!