Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First WIAW and Insanity Day 2

Woooooooow - am I really posting two days in a row? I'm impressed...I'm not even mad. 
Okay, all - this isn't going to be an amazing post - I'll admit that right now. I have wanted to participate in the whole WIAW thing for a while now, and I always fail with taking pictures of my lunch. Well, guess what? I STILL fail at that. I have taken pictures of a couple breakfasts and one dinner - so I'll share those instead! Sound good? I thought you'd agree! On to the food!

Breakfast - sweet potato with almond butter and banana

Not going to lie, when I read about eating a sweet potato for breakfast, I was a little thrown off? What's that you say? A spud in the morning! Unheard of! Moving was actually really good! And it kept me full for.ever.and.ever. So yes, try it if you're daring! =)

Vegan Broccoli Mac and Cheeze via Happy Herbivore meal plan
Oh my heck. This stuff was good - Lindsay from HH really does know how to put together some good recipes - my mom (who is not vegan) has enjoyed the tastes I've given her of all the meals I've made so far! 

ohmygoodness - how original am I?! Oatmeal!

Okay, guys - yes, I know that everyone and their mom eats oatmeal (especially food bloggers), but bear with me. I'm new around these parts and this is one of the only things I remembered to photograph. It'll get better, I promise. 

Well, that's all for the food, but I have another important thing to say. Insanity is AWESOME! I'd seriously recommend it for anyone looking for a new challenge. And I love that I can do it in my room and not have to go anywhere. I'll probably loosely follow the calendar provided and supplement with some hot yoga and some TKB every once in a while. Not willing to give those up! 

Before - ready to kick Insanity's butt!
Can we please just notice that I'm not sweaty, I still have my makeup on from the day, and my hair is dry? Okay, did we notice? Alright, let's see that after photo (if you have an aversion to sweaty beasts, please do not continue...fair warning).

That fake smile was all I could muster

Soooo...about that. Let's be clear - I didn't kick Insanity's butt. It did, however, kick mine. At least I tried. Note the wet hair, and shiny (read: sweaty) face. I made it through the whole workout and felt great after. I'm excited to see results with this program. Seems hardcore enough! 

Question: Anyone finished the Insanity program? I know I've read a few blogs in which the bloggers did it. How were your results? Did you enjoy the switching up of the different workouts on different days?

I hope I'll be doing another post tomorrow, everyone! Catch you on the flip side! 



  1. love the idea of a sweet potato for breakfast!

    1. Thanks Sara! Yeah, it took me aback when I saw it (on a meal plan) but I just went with it and it'll definitely go into my breakfast lineup! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite breakfast foods!

  3. Everybody, this is "mom". I love Cassie's recipes and am on the fence about being "vegan". Don't think I can give up the eggs and butter. But she's switched me over to being a vegetarian 75% of the time. Great job Cass!! xoxo