Sunday, October 9, 2011

Surveying it up!

Okay, everyone...I thought a fun way to eaaaase into this would be to do one of those survey things you sometimes see around here on the blogs. I found a fun one on PB Fingers that I thought I'd do. Next up will probably be a more food-centered post if I can manage to remember to take pictures! we go:

Name three things sitting next to you right now:
1. A sleepy boyfriend, Boo (who I will tell you more about soon!)
2. A fan (it's always so darn warm up in here)
3. My laptop (pretty much attached to my lap)

Name two foods you can't live without:
1. Nut butters of all kinds!
2. Pasta!

Name two things you can't live without:
1. Cell phone
2. Food (I know, I's not as fun cause it's functional, but still!)

Name two people you can't live without:
1. Family
2. Friends (including the boy) - yes, I know, I grouped them. But do you really expect anyone to just choose two people?!

Name one thing you did today:
1. Wrote a rough draft of a Sociology paper - what a way to spend my Saturday!

Name two things you've learned from the healthy living community:
1. The numbers aren't so important (and that throwing away the scale can be a good idea)
2. That you can put spinach in a smoothie and not taste it (I'm still amazed)

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